Port Olni

Written by on September 27, 2017

Would you like to help build a City that actually role plays without endless squabbles about rules? A place where all Castes, Low and High, and slaves role play together to create a vibrant City?

Port Olni, jewel of the Salerian Confederation, is a btb Gorean sim that welcomes all Castes and slaves. Come, see the City, the wonderful architecture, meet and role play with our Citizens and slaves – join a City where you will be warmly welcomed.

Olni has been in existence for eight consecutive years, and now under steady leadership of Ubar Jarek SpiritWeaver, Olni is recruiting for all Castes and slaves to help our City grow bigger and stronger. Strong Warriors to defend our walls, support our allies and let their honor shine on the battlefield. A Slaver who understands how necessary it is to train a slave to the peak of her perfection to gain the highest price for her on the market. Or join our solid core of Low Caste Citizens who make up our City’s foundation. Join one of the other High Castes, where builders, physicians and scribes work together to keep the city running smoothly.

Are you up for the challenge? Come and visit Olni, get a tour, have some paga with our Citizens, spend the night in our Inn and see our vibrant City in action.

City Port Of Olni

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